Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Specific challenges for international HR

Global organizations are focused on human capital issues. There seems to be an almost global consensus that people issues are vital to company success. As the "war for talent" intensifies, the acceptance of the importance of human capital will continue to grow. Among the people challenges, there is a broad consensus, across international regions, on what the important challenges are. They include:
  • The development of "global" leaders
  • The creation of a high-performance global corporate culture & high-performing teams
  • Managing talent (recruitment, retention, training, compensation & incentives)
If HR professionals are to be seen to play a crucial role in strategy and operational results they need to pick up the gauntlet on these people issues and act as "functional leaders". This means more time spent focusing on the business drivers and less on HR "programs and services". Adopting the role of global, functional leadership is the great opportunity for HR professionals. They need to be perceived as being totally committed to improving the business - which they must understand as well as any other leader - by their expertise in "people issues". For many years now, I have believed that the globalization of business presents an incredible opportunity to the HR profession. To succeed they absolutely need a "global mindset". See "Strategic Opportunity for HR Professionals"

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Claire Keogh said...

From a Yahoo Business article "6 most exciting jobs for people seeking adventure"

International Business and Trade:
Convert your business degree into a hefty frequent flier account when you create a role for yourself in international business consulting or importing. Foreign intrigue, having to negotiate strange cities, or dealing with people who may not speak your language--put these together and you'll define invigorating work. International management consultants are predicted to be among the fastest-growing professions through 2014. Just getting on mass transit in Italy or India makes your heart race. And you better learn the cultural ropes before wandering out at night. But the rewards of taking an e-commerce, world trade, or general business degree often include pay into the six figures and long-term job security.