Friday, September 7, 2007

Strategic opportunity for HR professionals

It is almost impossible for employees to cultivate a global mindset - or for the organization’s leaders to acquire global skills - unless the culture of the organization itself is imbued with global effectiveness thinking, skills and behaviors.

At a time when business process outsourcing should be liberating us to focus on strategic rather than tactical issues, it is good to remind ourselves that developing organizational global effectiveness may be one of the most important contributions that HR professionals can make, if we are to have, or retain, a “seat at the table” in shaping corporate strategy.

Organizations devoid of a global way of thinking will not fare well in the international arena. Because human capital is the defining competitive differentiator of most organizations, HR's commitment to the task of attracting, retaining and managing the best talent available is its major strategic challenge. Read more...


Anonymous said...

In our field (Global Mobility) we see lots of talk about Global Mindset, but little action. I agree with Jack's point that this is essential for long term success. Though getting there while slogging through the daily battle of corporate work takes a commitment from the highest levels and the resources behind it. If this does not happen, neither does the hope of a global mindset for a firm.

Michael Cadden
Living Abroad, LLC

GMS JunteeT said...

The Global Mindset is philosophical in nature. Only People who has the ability to see the "Holistic View" and the "Landscape of Global Setting" whether realistic, visually or pragamatic perspectives are able to relate with it. Michael's observation is correct. Jack's perspectives are appropriate in order to achieve a certain level of thinking globally. The Professional must establish a learning curb that attribute towards the "Global Mindset". A lot of professionals nowadays struggle to differentiate the global mindset within a global organization.

Juntee Terrenal MA, GMS
JNT Consulting LLC

Jack Keogh said...

Thanks for the comments - Michael is right on when he says that a corporate global mindset needs the support and commitment of the highest levels. This means that the highest levels themselves need to have a global mindset. In the field of global mobility management this is a challenge - so many companies touting their "global reach" which translates into a list of certified service providers around the world. Meanwhile, "senior management" is often locked in a domestic market mindset, still heavily influenced by the buying and selling of houses. The industry is changing but far too slowly to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

I like GMS Junteet's point that a "Holistic view" is key... it is the task of senior management to develop appropriate training and hiring practices that will accelerate the workforce learning curve leading to a comprehensive worldview.