Tuesday, December 11, 2007

International Customers

I saw a BNET blog this morning written by Geoffery James. He quotes a list from sales guru Jerry Acuff called “13 fundamental facts about human beings (especially customers).” Geoffery suggests that his edited list pretty much contains everything that you need to know in order to be successful at sales, at least when it comes to customer relationships. I completely agree -and because personal relationships are so important with international customers I have edited the list somewhat and pass it on to you.
  • International Customers want to feel that they’re important.
  • International Customers want to feel and be appreciated.
  • International Customers are interested in you - in most of the world, some personal relationship is the basis for a sale.
  • International Customers want the same two things in life as you: success and happiness.
  • International Customers want you to truly listen.
  • International Customers want to know that you appreciate and respect their culture.
  • International Customers will only connect if they feel valued by you.
  • International Customers buy emotionally and defend both logically and emotionally.
  • International Customers’ attention span is very short, most especially when you are not on their cultural wavelength.
  • International Customers with common interests have natural rapport.
  • International Customers want to feel and be understood.
  • International Customers are drawn to those who show genuine interest in them as persons.
  • International Customers love to teach you things they know.
  • International Customers want to associate with others who can help.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Do you have a global mindset?

Having a global mindset means the ability to scan the world from a broad perspective; always looking for unexpected trends and opportunities that may constitute a threat or an opportunity to achieve personal, professional or organizational objectives.

A global mindset is described by the Global Entrepreneurship Institute as a way of being rather than a set of skills. It is an orientation and a state of mind able to understand a product, a business, an industry sector, or a particular market, on a global basis. The executive with a global mindset has the ability to see across multiple territories, focusing on “commonalties across many markets.”

Over 63,000 or 77 percent of all the companies involved in exporting from the United States had fewer than 100 employees. A global entrepreneur seeks out and conducts new and innovative business activities across national borders. These activities may consist of exporting, licensing, opening a new sales office, or acquiring another venture.