Friday, September 21, 2007

Everything we say is influenced by our culture

Culture totally affects the way we communicate, even though, more often than not, as Edgar T Hall the noted anthropologist points out, it is hidden. We operate with a set of mostly invisible beliefs, values, and assumptions that become apparent to other people through our behavior. In the much used “iceberg model” of culture, “behavior” is what we see as the tip of the iceberg protruding above the water. Below the water, hidden, lie the “deep drivers” of our culture – what we believe value and take for granted as a group. These hidden drivers shape the behavior of a group which results in a “characteristic behavior”. To understand other cultures, we need to understand the values, beliefs and assumptions that drive our own “taken for granted” culture. If were ambassadors to a totally alien culture, how would we explain the values, beliefs and assumptions that shape our behavior as a group? More on culture and how it affects us....

One way to acquire a broader view of world events is to check out "World News" . A good place to start is the BBC, CNN International, International News and Newspapers online and etc. To jump start your quest, browse the up-to-date world news clips at the bottom of this blog!

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